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It doesn't matter whether you've only just learned about the concept of a legacy or you're very experienced at it already. You have been leaving a legacy every moment of your life!

The Legacy Center encourages individuals and organizations to identify and communicate the core values and experiences that have given their lives meaning.

We assume that every life story is significant and that each of us has the responsibility to tell that story — for our own benefit and as a gift to our families and communities.

The options are creative and myriad. Options that you can do yourself, explore with a group of like-minded folk, or for which you can hire an expert to guide your process.

The Legacy Center and our Associates offer a range of services that inform, support, and guide including:

  • presentations, seminars, and workshops designed to suit your individual and organizational needs related to legacies
  • coaching, consulting, and training for individuals and organizations
  • ethical wills, spiritual-ethical wills, values-based legacies
  • personal memoirs and life story writing
  • organizational legacies
  • state-of-the-art resources and products
  • a network of links and referrals


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Legacy Reflections™ are gentle little gems that will help you create and pass on your own legacy of the spirit. Though reading them only takes a moment – seriously, they are created to take less than 60 seconds to read.

Legacy Reflections™ offer information, inspiration and a gentle nudge to look deeply and appreciatively, listen honestly and compassionately, and reflect upon your life. Over the year you will be guided to reflect on:

  • WHY you should do legacy work
  • The various FORMS or expressions of legacy work
  • The PLANNING and REFLECTION that comes before you even begin to record your journey through life
  • Strategies for getting STARTED and FOLLOWING THROUGH
  • ISSUES that arise in the process
  • The HOW to's that can help you delve deeper and go beyond your own memories/experiences to look at your ancestors, your current family, your community, your work, and even to who else's stories want/need to be passed on.
  • How and where to get HELP
  • How to turn "it" into a FINISHED PRODUCT
  • How to PASS IT ON.

  • Samples:

  • "The ultimate statistic: one out of one dies." &mdash George Bernard Shaw, playwright

  • At least two implications flow from our inevitable mortality. First, because we will die, we need to pay attention to how we live. Second, if we care about anyone, we need to think about leaving something of ourselves behind.

    Legacy Reflection:
    Reflect on those aspects of your life--events and insights--that you would most like preserved for the benefit of others.

  • "Backward, turn backward, O Time, in your flight, Make me a child again just for tonight!" &mdash Elizabeth Akers Allen - Rock Me To Sleep- 1860

  • One way to turn back the clock for your loved ones is to capture those stories about that part of your life that they weren't around to experience.

    This would mean going back your childhood to recapture those events and times that were unique to your life.

    Legacy Reflection:
    Start with the unique events from your high school years and how these had an impact on you. Then move slowly backward doing the same things with the earliest chapters in your life.

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