What kind of legacy do you want to leave?

Kind of Legacy

We all want to be remembered and we want our lives to make a difference, but how do we do it?

Today people are turning more of their attention to the idea of creating a spiritual/personal legacy that goes beyond material things, e.g., their stories, values, hopes, love, wishes, advice and blessings.

We have a host of examples and resources on this site as well as a knowledgeable and committed network of Legacy Center Associates who specialize in a rich array of legacy-related services and products . They can help you explore, document and share the stories and lessons of your own amazing life.

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The Legacy Center is proud of all the wonderful and insightful work our associates do for individuals, communities, and organizations. We want to honor and bring to light their special appraoch to legacy work by regularly giving each of them a opportunity to express themselves in this space.

For now read about their work on our Associates page.

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