Ethical Wills: Putting Your Values on Paper    $14.95
Baines, Barry K., M.D.:   Perseus Publishing; Second Edition, 2006.

A step-by-step guide to writing the two documents that will make clear your cherished wishes.
As evidenced in the Terri Schiavo case that made national headlines, having a living will is an essential element in ensuring that the way in which you would like to spend your last days will be respected. It informs both family and doctors of your medical treatment preferences in specific situations.
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Ethical Wills Workshop Leader's Guide    $250.00
Baines, Barry K., M.D.

This guide contains everything you'll need to lead your own workshop on creating ethical wills. The guide includes: a PowerPoint presentation, four authentic ethical wills, self-assesment forms, workshop exercises, recommended reading lists, ow to promote the workshop and much, much more.
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Ethical Will Resource Kit    $7.00
Baines, Barry K., M.D.

The Ethical Will Resource Kit is an expanded version of the information contained on this Web site. In the Resource Kit you will find more background information on ethical wills, more tips and examples of how to write an ethical will, and a much richer "Creating Your First Draft" section.
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The Ethical Will Writing Guide Workbook
Baines, Barry K., M.D., 2001

The 27-page Workbook contains general information about ethical wills and a complete outline structure with dozens of item choices to help you create a rough draft of your ethical will. One approach to writing an ethical will is to have a topic outline and a number of items to choose from. It is the easiest approach for getting started on creating your ethical will right away. You can refine and add to your draft later using writing exercises or through a more open-ended approach like keeping a journal.
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Women's Lives, Women's Legacies: Passing Your Beliefs and Blessings to Future Generations:  Creating Your Own Spiritual-Ethical Will
Freed, Rachael:  Fairview Press, 2003

Whether you are reclaiming your history or supplementing a legal will, Rachael Freed will guide you through each life-changing step in the legacy writing process. One day your descendants will hold your document in their hands and know who you were, what mattered to you, and what you contributed to the world.
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Letters to My Children:  A Father Passes on His Values
Taylor, Daniel:  Intervarsity Press, 1999

A series of letters written over a number of years that comprise a legacy of values to his children. Most of the letters tell value-laden stories from his own life, which can serve as models for readers doing the same for people they care about.
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