1. The guide contains the following materials:

  • A floppy disk containing the PowerPoint™ presentation of the workshop. You can prepare transparencies for use with an overhead projector and print off copies for use as participant handouts.
  • A floppy disc containing support materials:
  • Pre and post-workshop self-assessment forms for determining stage of readiness to write an ethical will
  • Four authentic modern ethical wills
  • Three workshop exercises
  • The "Ethical Will Pacer" (EW-PACR) model to guide participants toward the most appropriate resources to help them write an ethical will
  • Participant and Leader workshop evaluation forms
  • Recommended reading and resource list
  • An informational brochure for promoting the seminar
  • Trainer's notes on how to conduct a workshop

2. The leader's guide is available as a licensed product for $250.

This fee includes all materials listed below plus membership in the Ethical Will Workshop Leaders e-group , to provide support and sharing of ideas with other facilitators via the Internet.

3. Recommended Resources

Workshop leaders are encouraged to provide a copy of additional resource materials to program participants so that they can continue with the work they began at the workshop.

Including these titles: 
Ethical Wills: Putting Your Values on Paper, Barry K. Baines, MD, Perseus Publishing; The Ethical Will Writing Guide Workbook, Barry K. Baines, MD, Josaba Ltd.