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This month The Legacy Center is a proud sponsor of the Association of Personal Historians 13th Annual Conference "LISTEN" in Franklin, Tennessee.

As APH says on their website, “Listening is a key element of our work as personal historians. We listen carefully to the stories our clients tell us, and to the feelings and meaning behind their words, in order to preserve for future generations the full sense of their lives. What more appropriate place for personal historians to gather in 2007 than in Nashville, where listening to the human experience has developed into a rich tradition of celebrating personal stories through music?

The Legacy Center is proud to have several members of APH as Legacy Center Associates:  Libby Atwater, Thor Anderson, Linda Blachman, and Patsy Kuentz. 

Read more about the legacy work these members do on our Associates page.

To learn more about the Association of Personal Historians, visit www.personalhistorians.org , creator of The Wisdom Box and the Notebook Project writes,

I loved, loved, loved, the Legacy Stories Conference… from the warm welcome I received when I walked in, to the closing remarks and the great chocolate treats, served at just the right time! To put these comments into context, let me share with you that I was on East coast time, having awakened at 3:30 am, local time, and drove an hour and a half to arrive at 7:45 am. Now you know why the chocolate was so important!

My impression of the presenters and the attendees is that legacy work attracts a special group of people… people who came to listen to your story and to share their stories. They listened with open hearts, with compassion, and no judgment… a rare find. I learned that there are many creative ways to get to ones core values. Listen carefully, when someone uses the word "because" in a sentence. Imbedded in every "because" is a value. I learned that we all have master stories that have influenced how we live our lives, and have acted as a guiding light in difficult times.

What stands out most for me is the importance of telling our stories while we can, and when necessary tell the stories of the oppressed, as their voices have been silenced. They are the victims of untold stories.

I want to thank Gail Catlin, Conference Chair, the event planners from Tammy Botts Event Planning, the speakers ( Barry Baines , Rachael Freed, Bev Lutz , and Mary O'Brien Tyrrell ,, Cheryl Svensson, and Dan Taylor ,) and the sponsors (including the Legacy Center) for their hard work, commitment and graciousness in putting this conference together. I hope it becomes an annual event.


Judy Ranieri


The Legacy Center is proud to announce their sponsorship of: The Legacy Stories Conference in Sacramento, California on October 14, 2006.

Founders, Barry Baines, Rachael Freed, Beverly Lutz, Mary O'Brien Tyrrell, and Daniel Taylor from The Legacy Center will be there as visiting experts there to discuss the issues of legacy writing, ethical and spiritual wills, memoir and autobiography.

For more information on this conference:
Website: www.thelegacywriters.com page.


Simple acts have profound repercussions…

In appreciation of the legacy left by taking a seat on a bus, The Legacy Center celebrates Rosa Parks who died at 92 of natural causes October 24, 2005.

What simple acts of yours might be having profound repercussions?


October 17, 2005 Time Magazine cover story, "Living Better Longer"
Dr. Andrew Weil says, "One of the tenets of the interactive medicine that I practice is that health and illness involve more than the physical body. Good medicine must address the whole person: body, mind and spirit… One way to promote spiritual well being is through the writing of an ethical will… I can think of no better way to close this article than to recommend that you undertake the composition of an ethical will.
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