Associate Benefits

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When you become an associate of The Legacy Center (TLC), you join a community of like-minded professionals, all of whom are answering a call to preserve the stories, values and meanings of individual and collective lives.

There are many benefits, including:

  1. More community and camaraderie
    1. Membership in a community of like-minded, like-intentioned, similarly self-employed folks. "You are not alone."
    2. Others (TLC staff) who care about you and your business to call or write when you need a quick boost of ideas or emotions, to celebrate a success for you and your clients, etc.

  2. More learning & education
    1. Tele-community calls and email conversations about our industry, product development, small business success, life balance and other topics that support your professional and personal well-being.
    2. A means to receive business development support for nominal cost.

  3. More visibility and opportunity
    1. Opportunities to collaborate and build strategic alliances with TLC, other Associates, and others in our networks.
    2. Presence in a central location (TLC website) for those who are seeking assistance and expertise in identifying, leaving and/or sharing their non-financial legacies.
    3. Your presence via TLC involvement at regional and national conferences and events without your need to attend.

  4. More satisfaction and reward
    1. A continuous reinforcement of "why I'm doing this work," and a way to be connected to a larger whole.
    2. The fun and joy of sharing a common vision that supports all human beings in their longing to belong, to contribute and to be remembered.

Interested in becoming a Legacy Center Associate?

Download the PDF Application or call us at 612-333-2833