William Can Walk!

by Tatia Nelson, BS Psychology, M.H.

The first time I met young William, he was 3 years old with a smile as bright as the sun that simply melted my heart; I'll never forget it. He used a walker to move around and carried a look of envy when he saw other children running at play. His disabilities kept him from being able to move like them. His mother, Angeline, had come to me asking how to use herbs to further his progress in healing. In asking her to tell me William's story, this is what she said:

William was born the afternoon of May 12, 2006, weighing 9 lbs 12 oz. He was a healthy boy, yet we knew his body would not be perfect. Previous ultrasound readings predicted that Spina Bifida would send him immediately to surgery following his delivery in order to place his spinal nerves into his spinal column that failed to close properly during early development. Myelomeningocele was the type of Spina Bifida he had developed in the L4 region of his spine. This type simply meant his body suffered a more severe situation that would leave William paralyzed from the lower back down, supposedly with no hope of him ever walking.

To make matters worse, the delivering doctor dropped William at birth, resulting in considerable injury to the back of his head. The outcome? Cerebral palsy, a condition marked by impaired muscle coordination due to the scar tissue development at the base of his skull from his injury. His doctor's prognosis did not include any hope of ever walking. Yet with both physical challenges before him, a desire to run freely seemed to burn bright within William's heart! I knew William had the faith necessary to realize the miracle he sought. I knew someday he would walk.

After hearing her son's story, I educated Angeline about possible herbal protocols over the following months. She then decided on a program for him. William's legs were very atrophied with limited circulation, so she began to massage nutrients directly into the skin. The practice of massage is known for helping circulation and thus help nourishment to flow to massaged tissues. The massage oil she chose was an herbal mixture including three potent Dr. Christopher formulas: 4 oz of the Complete Tissue & Bone Massage (BF&C) oil, 2 oz of the Deep Heating Cayenne oil, and 1 oz of the Ear & Nerve extract. The BF&C oil was chosen for its nourishing properties, the cayenne oil for its stimulating properties, and the nerve formula for his strong nervines, which simply described are food for nerves. These were mixed into one bottle for easy application. She began massaging the combined solution into his legs once or twice daily. The Ear & Nerve Formula was also given as directed under his tongue for a while. I informed her that nerves take a while to grow and regenerate, so persistence is most helpful when feeding nervous tissue.

After about four months of massaging with the combined formulas and following the "Mucusless Diet", William could feel bowel movements for the first time. This meant he could feel nerve sensations below the waist! Angeline used a catheter to drain his bladder several times a day and he began to feel those procedures too. She more excitedly continued massaging the formula into his legs. Soon thereafter, I received a call from her and could hear William crying in the background. I immediately asked what was wrong. She said, "He stubbed his toe". I remember replying with sympathy, "I'm sorry to hear that, he must hurt". She then repeated, "No Tatia, HE STUBBED HIS TOE!" I then understood the significance of her strange enthusiasm… William could feel his toe for the first time!

Angeline continued to switch to more and more natural methods with William's routine, while continuing his daily massages. She additionally used the Complete Tissue & Bone syrup for him internally, the Kid-e-Mins, and Kid-e-Calc for nourishment. She switched him from prescription Miralax over to Kid-e-Reg to help his bowel movements and regularity. She decided to use Kid-e-Dry and probiotics in place of an on-going antibiotic prescribed to catheterized patients. She fed him green smoothies and steered him away from refined sugars and other depleting foods. She also used Kid-e-Well for his illnesses.

On February 16, 2011 William took his first three steps, having no help to accomplish this great task! He did it! We now look forward to the day he will walk everywhere he goes with no supportive equipment. He progressed from crawling, to using a walker, to crutches, and now pulls himself up and can steady his path near walls and furniture. On May 12th, 2011 we celebrated William's fifth birthday! Happy Birthday William…you can finally walk! Someday we may see William breezing by in a race with such strong running legs that other children may envy his abilities!

Tatia Nelson is a certified Master Herbalist - graduate of the School of Natural Healing and works as a Wellness Counselor. She graduated from BYU with a bachelor's in psychology prior. Tatia currently works on an Iridology degree through SNH and the International Institute of Iridology.