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This is an ethical will written by a widowed grandmother in her early sixties.

To My Children and Grandchildren:

My Family

I had a special relationship with my grandmother. She lived next door to us and taught modesty, moderation and strength by personal example. From her I learned that one should "do good for the sake of good, not for the sake of reward" and that "there is no end of good that can be done by those who don't care who gets the credit."

Learning and Knowledge

These two keep us mentally sharp, keep us open to growth and change, enable us to contribute professionally and personally, and can provide us with pleasant hours. I believe, as my mother did, that hard work and intelligence can go far to overcoming many problems.

It is a privilege to be able to share your knowledge and your love of learning with others. I have been fortunate to find many opportunities for teaching, both formal and informal.

Taking and Giving

In giving you make your life worthwhile. But if you don't take, you will have nothing to give. Don't refuse to accept: others need a chance to give also.

I hope you will make the world a better place, both on a smaller scale and in the wider sense. Try to be a part of the solution, not part of the problem. Keep before you for inspiration a vision of the way things ought to be and help us move, albeit so slightly, in that direction.

Appreciation and Love

My children, you are sources of joy and pride. You make me feel loved and cared for. Your thoughtfulness is touching and our interactions are a pleasure for me.

My love for my grandchildren is too great to express in words. I hope I have expressed it in other ways. Your existence gives me hope for the future and our mutual love gives me the greatest happiness.