Varicose Veins

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by David Christopher M.H.

If you have varicose veins, the best question you could ask is "why me?" or better yet what caused me to have this condition. Knowledge will help you understand what caused the varicosity and aid you in constructively doing something to correct the problem. It will also help you stop playing the blame game.

Varicose veins were not inherited from your mother or other relatives, however pre-disposition can play a part. Inherited weakness plus environmental factors are what makes us vulnerable to this condition. Also medicine looks at varicosity and points its' finger at fibrin or enzymes causing the problem. This assumption is also false and doesn't look at the whole scenario. Your body has an inherent ability to move towards wellness, but it has to have the building blocks to accomplish its' purpose. The main building block that is missing is provided in vitamin C rich foods. Now don't assume that you can purchase and consume vitamin C pills and solve varicosity. In "science" vitamin C and ascorbic acid are synonymous, and that is what you get with a supplement, ascorbic acid. This isolated substance will not prevent or cure varicose veins. However the full complex of vitamin C rich foods, will prevent and help cure varicosity. One missing component in the majority of diets, is rutin, which is a flavanoid found in vitamin C rich foods. Isolated rutin will not solve the problem. This flavanoid is found abundantly in citrus, not the sweet juice that many people consume but in the white part that most people throw away. Put this back in your diet and you will start on the path to recovery. Include blueberries and grapes for phyto-nutrients like anthocyanidins to which strengthen and protect the veins.

Herbs are specific and time tested in curing varicose veins. The number one herb is Japanese Pagoda flower buds. This herb has been shown to strengthen and fix the permeability of the veins' cellular walls. Bilberries support normal formation of connective tissues and protect veins from further damage. Gotu Kola, Ginger and Hawthorne improve peripheral circulation and strengthen cellular tissues. Butcher's broom also contains rutin plus substances called ruscogenins that decrease swelling. Marshmallow root is the best soothing and anti-inflammatory herb. Colinsonia root is the most effective herb for hemorrhoids, which is a terrible type of varicose veins. This is the best group of herbs to take internally for varicose veins. This should be used in conjunction with a topical application of the combined herbs of Horsechestnut, Witch hazel, Oak bark, onion peel, lemon peel, Rue herb, Arnica and Pine

I know that if people would just change their diets eating mostly fresh produce, and use the herbal combinations that varicosity will be a thing of the past and life will be sweeter.