Top 10 Reasons For Making Your Own Medicine

by Jo Francks, MH

1. It saves you money.
2. You can grow your own herbs organically or gather herbs growing in your area. (Under your own fig tree)
3. It's fun.
4. You can make custom formulas specific for your needs.
5. Tinctures last longer than dried and powdered herbs.
6. You know what goes in to it.
7. You gain confidence in your abilities to use herbs.
8. You learn about the herbs you are using through study and practice.
9. You are prepared for an emergency.
10. It helps you take responsibility for your own health.

Calendula Salve by Master Herbalist Jared Tropple

Calendula has been used in countless salves as a primary ingredient for skin rashes, diaper rashes, minor cuts, chapped lips, and minor burns. A strong tea made from the flowers makes an excellent foot soak for athlete's foot, a facial wash for acne, or a mouth wash for canker sores.

To make a Calendula Salve first make an infused oil by covering the 1/4 cup of flowers in 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil in a closed jar for at least two weeks. After two weeks the oil should have turned a darker yellowish color. Strain off the flowers through a muslin cloth and pour oil into a stainless steel or pyrex pot. Heat oil on low and grate about 1/8 cup of beeswax. After it has melted take off heat and add 40 drops of essential oils (I would add Lavender). Pour into the jar you intend to keep the salve in and store in a dark, dry place. This salve should last at least a year if not longer if stored properly