by David Christopher, MH

Hypothyroid, or low functioning thyroid, is extremely common in today's world. Symptoms would include, but are not limited to: Fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, hair loss, intolerance to cold and constipation. A confirmation of thyroid malfunction can easily be done at home. Simply shake down a glass thermometer and place it next to your bed. In the morning, place it in your armpit for ten minutes and then read it. If it registers below 97.4 degrees Fahrenheit, you can suspect you have a low functioning thyroid. Averaging out multiple morning readings can confirm your suspicions.

The best therapy would include internal cleansing and a mucusless diet with the addition of Kelp or other seaweeds that are good natural sources of Iodine. Dr. Christopher has an excellent formula called Thyroid Maintenance which would be taken with meals. Implementing these treatments should produce a marked improvement in symptoms within six weeks or less. If symptoms persist, do not discontinue the above treatments but add Dr. Christopher's Herbal Thyroid formula to your regimen. This formula will stimulate the thyroid into activity. It should be taken between meals until the capsules in the bottle are all consumed.

Note: Stay away from all fluorine (it has been shown to decrease thyroid activity). This would include fluorine based drugs, supplements and fluoridated water.

Hyperthyroid, or over-active functioning of the thyroid isn't as common as hypothyroid, but could be potentially more troublesome. Symptoms would include: goiter, weight loss, appetite changes, heat sensations, excess sweating, excess thirst, heart rate and or rhythm changes, muscle and joint pain, skin problems, hair loss, problems with finger nails, bulging eyes, thinking problems, mood swings, tremors, fatigue, exhaustion and insomnia.

Whether hyperthyroid is caused by physical trauma to the organ (like whip lash), medical treatments, glandular supplements, exposure to excess iodine, or major stress it needs to be addressed.

The herbal protocol would be calming with Mullein and Lobelia. This is available in Dr. Christopher's Glandular Formula as capsules for internal consumption and as a massage oil for rubbing on the front of the throat over the thyroid area. It is also available in bulk for making a fomentation, for the same area.

A woman visited me who was scheduled for surgery the next week to remove her hyperactive thyroid. I told her of the procedure of putting the glandular formula wet compress on the thyroid with plastic wrap over the compress to retain the moisture and strips of cotton cloth wrapped around the neck to hold it in place. She kept these fomentations on 24-7 and took the capsules daily. The next week she went to the hospital for her operation but the preliminary examination showed no signs of thyroid hyperactivity, so the surgery was not performed.

If this procedure is ineffective, we would try Dr. Christopher's Master Gland formula which would help correct a possible weakness in the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus.
If the condition still doesn't improve, we could suspect a tumor on or near the thyroid gland. If this is indeed the problem, then Dr. Christopher's four basic cleansing formulas would be a must. In addition, we would consume six to thirty apricot seeds per day till the tumor is eliminated by the body.

The aforementioned symptoms for hyperthyroid could lead to a diagnosis of the auto-immune diseases Hashimoto or Graves Disease. For these conditions we would add the Dr. Christopher's Immucalm formula in large amounts (5 capsules 5 times per day). Also we would take his Complete Tissue and Bone formula in large amounts (also 5 capsules 5 times per day) to repair the damage to the thyroid tissues, caused by the immune system.