The Importance of Calcium

December 3, 2008

by Dr. John R. Christopher

A mother-to-be should use a good calcium formula during the entire pregnancy and also during the lactation period. There is a good herbal formula that we use which is strictly an assimilable vegetable (herbal) type combination. It consists of six parts horsetail grass, four parts comfrey root, three parts oat straw and one part lobelia [This formula is sold as Dr. Christopher's Herbal Calcium Formula]. The horsetail grass is almost pure silica but by biological transmutation, so says renowned scientist Professor Louis C. Kervran, the human body is able to make the molecular change to transform the silica into assimilated calcium. To aid this we have a number of trace minerals in the comfrey that speeds up the transformation [NOTE: To comply with federal regulations the Comfrey has been replaced with Nettle Leaves].

It is a known fact that there is a lack of adequate calcium in the diet of the average adult today. One reason, of course, is the use of processed "foods" which have been robbed of much of the calcium they originally had. The next cause of calcium deficiency is the use is the use of so much inorganic sugars and starches (the starches turn to sugars). This sugar leaches out the calcium from the body of the mother. The fetus is drawing on the calcium for self preservation, as well as leaching out by sugars of more and more calcium. The young mother-to-be then wonders why the varicose veins (breaking and darkening of veins), the loss of teeth during pregnancy, and the "Charlie horses" (cramps) and muscle weakness, etc., etc.!

This all happens because of a lack of adequate calcium to take care of both the mother-to-be and the forth-coming child. Mother Nature is more concerned with the reproduction than with the one doing the producing. This is the reason the baby will draw from the mother as much calcium and nourishment as it can get, and unless she is following a good diet both will suffer. When there is plenty of calcium (such as is recommended in the formula) being taken by the mother, the fetus will have ample for good development without robbing the mother's veins, teeth and bone and muscle areas. When this proper program is followed the fetus will develop as Mother Nature intended and have a strong, perfect body. The umbilical cord is giving the precious little one just as good a "blood transfusion" as the mother can supply daily by her nutritional intake (good or poor).

Of course, a proper diet does not include cigarettes, pastries, soft drinks, liquor, coffee, etc. This process continues on after the birth of the baby and the umbilical cord is cut. The blood flow carrying this perfect nutrition, changes somewhat, as it is now handled by the mammary glands.