Simple Remedies, Simple Treatments

Fortunately, a person can heal themselves-and their loved ones around them-with herbs and natural treatments. As Dr. Christopher proved so often with his Incurables Program, even dreadfully sick people can heal themselves.

Dr. Christopher told story after story about sick people he helped with simple remedies, simple treatments. For example, a man and his wife brought their daughter to Dr. Christopher's office in Salt Lake. This young lady was the sickest, saddest-looking person he had seen in a long while. She had met a young man who came to love her very much, and he wanted to marry her. But she refused, saying it wasn't fair to him, being in her condition, so anemic and sickly. He told her that he loved her enough to marry her and take care of her under any circumstances.

She was in a very serious condition, so they put her on the three-day cleanse and Mucusless diet . She took extra cups of red clover combination tea, and drank a minimum of one pint of grape juice a day, chewing each mouthful. When she could, she took even more. She also ate plenty of raisins and grapes in addition to the juice. She used the yellow dock as a tea, and soon she began to show improvement. She exercised adequately, being careful not to overdo it, and changed her diet from mucus-forming food to the Mucusless diet, having lots of salads and fruits, emphasizing as much raw as possible. She used the female corrective and hormone-estrogen formulas, and she also used the vaginal bolus and yellow-dock combination in the slant board routine. She showed improvement from the very beginning.

The parents had brought her to Dr. Christopher in the spring, and by fall they sent him an invitation to her wedding, because she had cleaned up her system and was very happy to get married. She was living a new life, healing it herself by following through on Dr. Christopher's instructions.