Regenerating Fertility Requires Effort/Work

By Noell Larsen H.N., M.H.

After our first child was born and while my husband and I were still in college, we chose to move to designated student married/family housing. It was in this environment we met more than a few couples having challenges with fertility. One particular couple we had the privilege of getting to know was *Russ and Charity. Russ and Charity became close enough friends that they felt comfortable sharing their struggles in trying for over two years to have children. Charity, well aware of my background in nutrition and herbs, asked if there was anything I knew of that could help their situation. Four months later, after diligently following a select nutritional program, I received the call that Russ and Charity were expecting. Russ and Charity have had a successful pregnancy and no longer feel the anxiety and emptiness of not being able to have children of their own.

This experience I feel was such a success largely due to Russ and Charity's desire to work hard and diligence to detail. Both Russ and Charity made it through the challenge of change to their lifestyle in order to regenerate health and did so by cleansing and nourishing their bodies with the best foods and supplementation. Generally speaking, many find it hard to believe that there are specific herbs and foods that directly affect the reproductive capacity of the human body and resort to spending a fortune in mainstream fertility treatments (and for some this may be the best option), but Russ and Charity (and many other couples), have brought hope that infertility can be remedied through the simple process of improving your health as well.

Almost everyone understands the direct effect a mother's food choices has on the development of her unborn child, but many do not think of how direct their food choices are on the development of their own bodies. True health for a child begins long before conception, in the health of the mother and father. If you want healthy children we must work for it; many ask "why?" Francis M. Potteger, Jr., M.D., I feel, answered this question well in his study of nutrition:

Observation of our young people reveals that humans are subject to the same food deficiencies as are seen in the Cat Study. Foods that have been progressively depleted of nutritional substances since the roller flour mill was invented right after the civil war. Canning, packaging, pasteurizing and homogenizing - all contribute to hereditary breakdown.

Sure you can add a plethora of nutrients to the body through nutrient rich food sources, but I have never seen anything more effective in aiding and even correcting hereditary breakdown like cleansing and nourishing combined. For Dr. Christopher cleansing and nourishing was everything for health and regeneration. In my own personal experience and as Russ and Charity would agree there is power in food choice and when combined with cleansing and building herbs there can be found hope in fertility… rest assured this is not without a little effort/work, but then again, nothing of true value ever comes without honest effort and a little hard work.

Noell Larsen has a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition and a Master of Science in Herbology (graduate of The School of Natural Healing). Together with her husband (a current Medical Student) and two children, speaking, writing and tutoring others in the way of health has become a family passion.

*For the sake of confidentiality, names have been changed.