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There are many similarities between an ethical will and a personal mission statement. The author of this document developed his personal mission statement over more than 5 years. It serves the same purpose as an ethical will although the style is less narrative than the previous examples.

My mission is to serve God by creating a balance between family, friends, profession, and community.

  1. I will be guided by the teachings of Judaism.
  2. I will act on situations and opportunities, rather than be acted upon.
  3. I will not make assumptions of what people need. I will ask.
  4. I will be a fair and honest evaluator of situations.
  5. I will be positive. I will look for the good.
  6. I will be courageous and persistent to experience and accept differences.
  7. I will be sincere, yet decisive.
  8. I will remember that one person can make a difference.
  9. I will share. In sharing, one learns, experiences, and reaps the highest level of satisfaction.
  10. I will keep a sense of humor.
  11. I will not fear mistakes, for mistakes are the springboard of future success.

With family and friends, I will seek to understand first before being understood. I will be empathic, which is sympathy with a solution. Sometimes that solution is just to listen. I will be supportive and inspiring, attempting to assist those within my circle of influence to become interdependent people. My wife and children are my highest priority with regard to creating this positive interpersonal relationship.

Professionally, I will help people devise and implement financial and personal plans to afford these people financial and emotional independence. I will be honest and always put a client's best interest ahead of my financial reward. This is with the understanding that I must make an income to be able to service clients. I will only ask a client to do something that I do or hope to do once sufficient capital is acquired. The best investment one can make is in oneself and other people. I will run a profitable business with equal emphasis on providing a positive work environment as well as profitability.

To my community, I will allocate a minimum of 10% of my money and time. One area of focus will be in building bridges between Jews and non-Jews. My other area of focus will be with youth in 7th through 12th grade, helping to develop and implement programs which will help them to acquire the leadership skills necessary to become interdependent and effective adults.

My personal dreams today are:

  1. Have a meaningful and special relationship with my wife.
  2. Raise responsible children.
  3. Help people who demonstrate a caring for others, reach their goals.
  4. Become a philanthropist.
  5. Teach other financial planners this business.
  6. Enjoy the people and the process.

Additional notes:

  1. What is hateful to you do not do unto others.
  2. Act as if all your actions will be part of a story published in the Wall Street Journal.

Being a parent:

The goal of being a parent is to guide the child from ignorance to wisdom, from moral neutrality to virtue, from dependency to interdependence, from infancy to maturity. My goal as a parent is to prepare the child to function as an independent adult in an interdependent society.

My obligation is to:

  1. Teach ethical and moral behavior
  2. To have you wed
  3. To teach you a craft (a means to make your own income)
  4. Teach you to swim
  5. Practical citizenship so that you may function as an upright and productive member of society