Barry K. Baines, MD
Interests :
Death & Dying, Palliative Care, Spirituality, Foundation for Financial/estate Planning; Informational presentations and workshops/ seminars for writing your ethical will; Workshops for creating an organizational ethical will; Ethical Will "Coach;" Volunteer training, and Train the Trainers workshops
Products :
Ethical Wills: Putting Your Values on Paper 2002 (Perseus Publishing)
Ethical Will Writing Guide Workbook 2001 (Josaba Ltd.)
Ethical Will Writing Guide Valueware Software, 2003. Available for free downloading from 612-374-9526 612-558-3331 612-588-9097 or through the MN Relay Service at 800-627-3529

Mary O’Brien Tyrrell
Interests :
Assisting elders to write/publish life stories; speaking on art of memoir writing
Products :
More than 150 books published nationally and internationally
Contact : 651-698-1158 651-638-6357