Nutrition - the Foundation

by Yvonne Salcido, MH

Interestingly enough the impetus for Dr. Christopher's beginnings in the health field was his study of nutrition. He was searching for correct principles to regain his health and did so by studying the holy word of God.

He learned that there are immutable biological laws that govern cellular health, and when these laws are broken disease will eventually follow. We reap what we sow. The thing that is hard for most of us to swallow, is the daily choices we make do affect are health. Are we digging an early grave with our teeth?

There are so many conflicting messages on the subject of nutrition all around us. You can hear something on the news one week and the next week exactly the opposite. I remember in college a totally opposite perspective given in lectures by two different professors in Nutrition. At the time I thought the professor that agreed with my taste buds must be teaching truth because it was the "norm." Finally thru life's experiences ("the school of hard knocks") learned correct principles thru The School of Natural Healing. My taste buds have greatly improved and I have seen marvelous healing take place in myself and many others thru these correct principles. The foundation truths Dr. Christopher taught are timeless and provide a sure foundation for nutrition.

Dr. Christopher taught that our food should be what our creator intended. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. Most people think we have to have meat and dairy to survive. Dr. Christopher taught that meat is to be used sparingly in winter or time of famine. In Webster dictionary the definition of sparingly is "hardly ever". I must admit I was surprised when I first looked it up. Most Americans think that sparingly means two-three times a day. We have been taught so many incorrect principles thru the media.

We are the only nation that weans its babies and then puts them on another mammal's milk. We have the highest incidence of osteoporosis in the world. Harvard University did a study that proves dairy causes osteoporosis. It is a bad choice if you want to get your calcium. How about eating broccoli, celery, and almonds these are packed with more calcium than milk. Vegetables are loaded with minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and phyto-nutrients in abundance! Since I have given up dairy I don't have hay fever, sinus infections, and laryngitis constantly.

Let me suggest five things to improve your daily nutrition. First, let your foods be in their wholesome state the way nature made them. Ezra T. Benson said "Let your food be as close to nature as possible.

Second, avoid anything toxic or habit forming such as: Coffee, carbonated drinks, teas that have habit forming properties such as caffeine, tobacco, drugs and any addictive foods, sugar etc. Processed foods are highly addictive.

Third, "Fresh Is Best" - live foods beget health and vitality whereas dead, over-cooked foods beget disease and death. The average American only consumes 5% of total dietary intake in the form of fruits and vegetables. No wonder many complain of lack of energy!

Fourth, the "Staff of Life" (wheat) was not meant to be ground to powder and cooked at high temperatures. Try low-heated, sprouted, or dried breads, cereals, and cracker recipes. You will feel so much better. Remember a staff is to support not the mainstay of a nutritional program.

Fifth, eat "in the season thereof" - nature really knows what foods are best for you in each of the beautiful seasons. This prepares you for the next season ahead in the perfect way. Plant a garden - this a great way to enjoy all the delicious fresh fruits and vegetables you desire.

Adherence to these correct principles will give you a life of health and happiness!