Metal Toxicity - An Herbal Approach

by David Christopher M.H.

Heart disease, high blood pressure, clogged arteries, arthritis, autism side effects, loss of libido, kidney disease, memory loss, mental clarity; all of these conditions could be caused by metal and or mineral retention.

Inorganic substances are taken up by humans but not easily eliminated. This is most likely to occur when the body is lacking minerals obtained through plant life. For example, I can lay on a beach for weeks and not uptake one micro gram of silica, even though the sand I lay upon is primarily silica. I could also ingest the sand and still not uptake any silica. However the herb nettles can uptake silica from the sand and incorporate it as an organic compound of silica. We can then consume the nettles and safely uptake this silica, which strengthens our finger nails and bones, and gives us shiny hair. If silica is not needed, it can easily be eliminated, because it is in an organic useable state.

Most mineral supplements are obtained from rocks. Even though they may have a positive effect on the body they may not be eliminated. Then they accumulate in weak areas of the body, such as joints, and clogging the arteries. This sets off an inflammatory process which leads to arthritis pain, and high blood pressure. Other metals or minerals enter our bodies via certain types of cookware, foods, pollutants in air, water, drugs, vaccines, etc. This accumulation causes malfunctioning and disease.

Some practitioners suggest Chelation Therapy as a way to remove these unwanted minerals. This is done intravenously. Although better than standard medicine's roto-rooter surgical angioplasty I do not see such an invasive therapy as a viable solution.

The Vitalistic Herbal solution is to use herbs that help the body move these retained metals from between the cells so they can be eliminated. This is accomplished with Dr. Christopher's Bugleweed heavy metal formula. It is taken three times daily and then once a week the person gets into a hot bath with two pounds of Epsom salts in the bath water. That person then drinks one quart of hot Yarrow tea, while in the hot bath. This tea causes perspiration. The metals in the body are then naturally attracted to the salts in the bath water and leave the body via the perspiration.

The program is as simple as that, and is, as always, totally safe. One word of caution, you may have to scrub the metals off the side of your tub.

The procedure is done weekly and should be combined with Dr. Christopher's Total Body Cleanse (Four Basic Cleansing Formulas).