Memoirs of Dr. Christopher & School of Natural Healing Online

2009 is a very exciting year for us. Dr. Christopher was born in the year 1909, so this entire year we will be celebrating his life and work, culminating in a Centennial Celebration in Utah in August. More details will follow in this newsletter as we approach that date. For now, be sure to mark down August 1st on your calendar and plan to be in Utah that day for this "once-in-a-lifetime" celebration.

To kick off the Centennial we have a very exciting announcement. For quite some time The School of Natural Healing has been working very hard to convert their introductory course, Family Herbalist, to a simple, easy-to-use, online course. We are pleased to be the first to announce that this is done! The regular price for this course is $495, but to celebrate Dr. Christopher's 100th anniversary of his birth, they are offering this course for just $100! If you have been waiting to sign up because of financial reasons this is the time to jump in. You will never see the cost for this course this low again. More details follow below.

We thought it would be appropriate to share some memoirs of Dr. Christopher as our article today. The article comes from "Dr. Christopher's Natural Healing Newsletter" Volume 4, Issue 4. Christopher Publications has agreed to give you a PDF copy of this article for free. You will find a link to it in the article.

Memoirs of Dr. John R. Christopher, Master Herbalist
Excerpt from Dr. Christopher's Natural Healing Newsletter, 4-4

Once in a great while the Earth is blessed with an enlightened soul who is able to raise the consciousness of his fellow man by his love, wisdom, and humor. It is as though this person...has a direct connection to a divine source of information. Dr. John Raymond Christopher, the great herbalist, was one of these beings.

Like the Savior, Dr. Christopher in his life went about doing good and healing the sick. And like the Savior, for his efforts, he was despised and rejected of men.

Shortly before his death, Dr. Christopher said, "You know, the only good thing in this life is when you're helping somebody else.

A man who truly practiced what he preached, Dr. Christopher's life was marked by service to those around him and service to many others whom he helped through his extensive writings on natural healing, his lectures, his formulas and the School of Natural Healing.

SCHOOL OF NATURAL HEALING ONLINE: As mentioned above, The School of Natural Healing is offering their introductory course online for just $100. You will never find see a price this low again. Several changes have been made to the course to bring it online:

Herbs to the Rescue by Kurt King, M.H. has been added to the course along with a study guide
2.5 hours of audio about Vaccines has been added to the course
All the books, study guides, audio, and video are online, so no material will be shipped to your home (if you choose to purchase the materials you will be able to do so at wholesale prices)
The study guides will be filled out online - allowing for quicker grading, especially for those overseas
The Final Test is online and will be graded immediately, so you will know right away whether or not you have passed.

Other courses will be added to the online school over the course of 2009.

To learn more about the online school, including answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please visit

You can register for the course with the Register link on that page or if you are ready to register now click this link: