Holistic Summer Skin Care

By Noell Larsen H.N., M.H.

Only those I divulge my secret to know that I was one who struggled with skin problems. I do not regret, but rather am grateful for our skin's sensitivities. My skin has been a huge influencing factor to the direction I have taken my education and career in life. This spring, look to your skin as an indicator of how well you have taken care of your body and prepare for a change this summer with a few helpful and healthful skincare tips that have taken me more than a few years to master.
Our skin truly is a great indicator of our health. Being that the skin is an eliminatory channel of the body, skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema, etc., are manifestations of imbalance somewhere in the biological system. Balancing the body with proper nutrition, physical exercise, managing/eliminating stress, and efficient sleep will do wonders for your skin! May I mention here, had I known about Dr Christopher's Mucusless Diet (How I wish there were a better name for it) and cleansing routines when I was struggling with my skin, the road to a clear complexion would have been a lot shorter!

One important principle I have learned a long the way is that your skin in a permeable layer, eliminating what it needs (like I said) and also taking in what it needs. Every day the average American women applies 12 beauty products and for men, half that number. Many of you already know if these products are, what most American's use, they are full of terrible stuff (please research for yourself such things as SLS, DEA, TEA, Propylene Glycol, Parabens, Mineral Oil, etc.). These harmful concoctions are then applied daily and the accumulation of this application then adds to acne, aging, poor skin health and even cancer. Simply put - if you wouldn't eat/ingest it for good health, don't put it on your skin. This applies to hair care products as well as, nail care, sunscreen, deodorant, and a host of other things we use for our daily hygiene; please understand that to cover them all in this article is not possible.

For daily maintenance a few of my favorite all natural choices are listed below:

Cleansers: Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap in Eucalyptus diluted: 6-8 parts water to 1 part liquid soap. ?If you are a man or do not wear makeup you may need something even more mild.

Moisturizers: Apricot oil: only four drops applied to a dewy face, freshly washed at night.? Others to try are Coconut oil?, Olive oil?, Avocado oil?, Aloe vera… there are so many others.

Spot Erasers: Dr. Christopher X-ceptic: only 1 drop applied to blemish pm and am (if needed) before applying moisturizer. Note - avoid covering with the moisturizer and never, never pinch or pick at blemishes.

Spa Treatment: Facial brushing!, ??Dr Christopher's BFC ointment applied at night in place of moisturizer (at most once a week)??, Clay/ food Masks every once in awhile.

Cosmetics: As you care for health and thus your skin, your complexion will become clear and more radiant, but if you still want to wear makeup, seek out clean/pure mineral sources.

Noell Larsen is a Holistic Nutritionist and Master Herbalist/ Masters of Science graduate of The School of Natural Healing. Together with her husband (a current Medical Student) and as a mother of two children… speaking, writing and tutoring others in health has become a family passion.