Herbs Along the Road to Victory

By Olena Taylor M.H.
January 8th 2011, our son, Ross, sprained his ankle at the Utah 2A State Wrestling Duals. This happened on a Saturday afternoon. We were very concerned because he was to wrestle at the All-Stars the following Tuesday January 11th.
A personal friend who was at the wrestling meet loaned us a TENS unit which Ross was able to apply immediately.
We went to a local herb shop in Richfield where I purchased bulk comfrey leaf tea. We had a tea press, and were able to get him drinking the tea right away. We then took him to the hospital, and had his ankle x-rayed to be sure it wasn't broken. He was in so much pain that he needed a wheelchair to get back to the car. We applied ice packs to his ankle for the ride home.

We called our chiropractor in Cedar City (Dr. Justin Biggs) to see if he could see Ross after hours. Ross limped into the office in tremendous pain. The chiropractor was able to adjust the ankle. He spent about an hour and a half with us, and charged us only $35 compared to the hospital where the doctor spent about 5 minutes with Ross and charged us $634.80. But the amazing thing was that Ross walked out of the chiropractor's office without limping at all. Dr. Biggs sent Ross home with a valerian root herbal preparation to help relax the muscle spasms.

We continued to give Ross the comfrey tea, and we immediately began icing his ankle in a bucket of iced comfrey tea. He would ice it until it was numb, and then walk on it until he regained feeling. Then he used a photon machine, which we borrowed from our other chiropractor (Dr. Brian Workman), and then he used the TENS unit. He used these three treatments continuously all day Sunday. We also had him take 5 BF&C with comfrey capsules every hour all day long. At night we put Dr. Christopher's Complete Tissue and Bone and Cayenne Heat salves on his ankle.

On Monday morning Ross went to school, and during wrestling practice he developed a new method of kneeling down, so that he wouldn't have to put pressure on his ankle. He continued to ice his ankle and take the BF&C as much as possible that day. When he came home from school we made a hot comfrey tea soak, and an ice water soak. He would alternate soaking his ankle in these for the rest of the evening. Then he put the Dr. Christopher salves on and went to bed.

Tuesday morning we drove to Orem for the All-Star Meet. We were extremely nervous for Ross because up to that point he hadn't wrestled on his ankle since spraining it. We didn't know how it would hold up, and honestly we were afraid for him. He weighed in at 168 in his 189-weight division. It was a very close match, but Ross won 12-8!

Ross has since that time injured his elbow and back. He was injured pretty badly at a tournament at Pine View high school, and had to forfeit a couple matches. But he took the following week off of wrestling, and continued on the BF&C and was able to take first place and win outstanding wrestler at region.

We attended the 2A State Wrestling on February 11th and 12th and Ross took first place! We feel very blessed to have the knowledge that we have gained from The School of Natural Healing!