Herbal Formulas to have this Cold and Flu Season

By Noell Larsen H.N., M.H. - Oregon

Fall is the perfect time to can and preserve or prepare what the summer has abundantly blessed us with. More specifically, as fall approaches, I find myself taking a mental inventory of the herbal preparations I have on hand, and the ones I will most likely need to restock as the cold winter months approach. Here are a few herbs/ herbal formulas my home surely would not want to be without this upcoming season and a few of the many ways in which we use them:

Dr. Christopher's Kid-E-Mune: Echinacea Angustifolia prepared in a glycerine tincture. I like to use this whenever I feel a child's immune system could use a boost and when we travel (via airplane) for the holidays. Is especially effective at the very first signs of irritation such as a sore throat or runny nose.

Echinacea Tincture (Alcohol or Glycerin Extract): I like to use this formula with the adults for the same reason of boosting the immune system when needed. Is especially effective at the very first signs of irritation such as a sore throat or runny nose.

Garlic oil: Easy to make yourself and great to use at the first hints/signs of ear infection. Worth it's weight in gold when applied to the soles of the feet of sick little ones at night (make sure to cover with cotton socks). Can also be applied on the chest of little ones (and anyone) with coughs.

Dr. Christopher's Super Garlic Immune Formula: With fresh garlic juice, mullein, wormwood, lobelia, marshmallow root, white oak bark, black walnut, skull cap, gravel goot, plantain, aloe vera, pure apple cider vinegar and raw honey, using this formula is like bringing out the "big guns" in a battle with any cold and flu.

Dr. Christopher's Kid-E-Well: A combination of yarrow flower, elder flower, peppermint leaf and echinacea angustifolia makes a great formula to help children work through and overcome the cold and flu.

Dr. Christopher's Respiratory Massage Oil: A preparation of mullein leaf in oil and very effective in helping the body work through colds that have gone to the chest, especially with little ones. Rub on the chest at night combined with garlic oil and you have a great infection fighting formula that will also help the body expel mucus from the lungs/chest.

Mullein: Amazing herb for helping the body rid moisture/mucus from the lungs. This is especially effective for the cough that seems to linger.

Dr. Christopher's Lower Bowel Formula: A formula of cascara sagrada bark, barberry bark, cayenne pepper, ginger root, lobelia herb, red raspberry leaf, turkey rhubarb root, fennel seed and goldenseal root. When dealing with illness it's always a first priority to make sure the bowels are functioning properly. Most often blocked eliminatory channels are the tipping point of a virus/bacteria winning in the first responses of our immune system's attempts to fight them off. Open/regular elimination channels allow the body to function optimally and are generally a sign of a good diet.

Dr. Christopher's Kid-E-Reg: With slippery elm bark, licorice root, fennel seed, anise seed and fig syrup, you get a kid-friendly version of the lower bowel formula; helping children's bowels eliminate properly so that the body can more effectively heal. Also effective in helping alleviating the source of post-holiday-stinky-behavior in children who have been eating a less-than optimal diet due to holiday indulgence - not that any of our children do that (sure :-).

Noell Larsen is a Holistic Nutritionist and Master Herbalist/ Masters of Science graduate of The School of Natural Healing. Together with her husband (a current Medical Student) and as a mother of two children… speaking, writing and tutoring others in health has become a family passion.