Good Digestion

By David Christopher M.H.

Proper digestion is essential for good health. Remember, as natural practitioners we mainly need to make sure that each cell of the body gets the nutrients and energy necessary for optimal functioning and that the waste from the functioning gets carried away from the cell and disposed of outside the body. When organs malfunction, the cells of that organ are not receiving nutrients, nor disposing of waste, and/or have been physically damaged. Our number one responsibility is to help the body cleanse and provide the proper nutrients to regain health. If the digestive organs are not functioning properly then the chances of healing are greatly diminished, even if we are taking in the best foods. So we need to help the body restore its digestive capabilities.

  • First, chew your food thoroughly. If chewing well is not possible, use a blender to accomplish the mastication. The food must be mixed with saliva, chewing accomplishes this, but blended food would need to be sipped and swished in the mouth to release the saliva.
  • Second, the food needs to be acted on by hydrochloric acid. If the body is not making it, orally ingesting cayenne pepper will stimulate its production. Other aids are ginger, mustard, and apple cider vinegar.
  • Third, the food needs to further breakdown by digestive enzymes. These are abundant in raw food and supplemented by enzyme production from the pancreas. If the pancreas is malfunctioning and not producing the needed enzymes, then the Dr. Christopher Pancreas Formula should be taken to strengthen this organ. In the meantime plant based digestive enzymes should be added to the diet until the pancreas is healed and producing its own enzymes. I personally like Udo's Choice brand enzymes.
  • Fourth, the now broken down food needs to be absorbed into the body. This process depends on sufficient colonies of friendly bacteria (flora). If someone has had this system compromised or destroyed, through the use of antibiotics, drugs or improper diet, they should supplement with probiotics, again I like Udo's Choice probiotics. If the intestinal tract has been compromised then one should follow the protocol outlined in a back issue of this newsletter "Protocol for Yeast overgrowth and leaky gut syndrome."
  • Fifth, the nutrients from the food might not be absorbed because of retained waste. This should be resolved by using Dr. Christopher's Lower Bowel Formula, and Quick Colon Formula # 2.