By David Christopher, MH

Fatigue results from a lack of nutrients in proportion to energy used. Even consuming the best foods is of no avail if they are not broken down properly and assimilated.

In order to reduce fatigue it is important to improve your diet and consume pungent herbs like cayenne or ginger prior to a meal. These herbs stimulate the production of hydrochloric acid at the time it is needed to break down your food.

Eat bitter foods like Dandelion leaves and bitter lettuce to stimulate the liver and release bile. This will assure the proper breakdown and utilization of fats.

Be sure to eat sour foods like grapefruit, lemons and apple cider vinegar to better break down carbohydrates.

And of course, eat fresh foods high in digestive enzymes like papaya, pineapples and apples and take plant-derived digestive enzymes to completely break down and prepare your foods to be assimilated.

So that food can be better absorbed cleanse the intestines with psyllium seeds, bran, and Dr. Christopher's Lower Bowel formula.

Family members may want to join in as you adhere to this program, so they will have energy to keep up with the new you!