by David Christopher, MH

Endometriosis is a result of the migration of uterine endometrium cells, into other parts of the body. This results in variant body pain that is cyclic.

This condition is manifest during menstruation through steady, dull or severe pain and cramps, not only in the pelvis area but anywhere in the body. Some women can also suffer for weeks prior to menstruation. Some women feel pain during bowel movements and intercourse.

In order to properly treat this condition it is important to ask why this uterine tissue ends up in unrelated parts of the body, far removed from the uterus. It could back up through the fallopian tubes as a result of blockage from a closed hymen or perhaps from improper use of tampons. Another possible scenario would be yeast or parasites drilling through the uterine lining. These lesions could conduct endometrial cells, loosened during menstruation, into other areas of the body.


Stop the use of tampons to see if that is the cause. See a midwife or other health care professional to resolve a closed hymen.

If yeast or parasites are the cause, then it is imperative to heal the uterine lining after removing the yeast colonies or parasites. This is accomplished by using a decoction of Black Walnut and Pau d' arco (see therapy for yeast overgrowth). One quart should be taken orally on a daily basis. One pint should be used as a retention @#!*% also daily. After one week of therapy use Dr. Christopher's bolus routine. Also take his Female Reproductive formula in combination with an equal amount of his Complete Tissue and Bone formula. These procedures will work better if you follow the directions for the Extended Herbal Cleanse.

Other aids:

  • Hormonal Changease formula: This formula will provide phyto-sterols that replace your own body's estrogen resulting in reduced pain
  • Wheat Germ Oil: This oil is high in Vitamin E and will help the body break down excess estrogen. It also prevents endometrial adhesions from forming and helps break down adhesions that have already formed.
  • Flax Seed Oil and Evening Primrose Oil: help regulate inflammation causing prostaglandins
  • Eliminate animal foods that contain high estrogen levels
  • Eat a mucusless diet