Ear Infections

Question from Ila:

My grandson (18 months, 29 lbs) doesn't sleep well and has an ear infection (7th this year) and antibiotics are always prescribed. Is there an alternative to heal it or even to prevent them and anything to help him sleep better? (His parents are getting sleep deprived and short tempered!)

Hello Ila,

Ear infections are easy! I know that isn't nice to hear after you have tried so many things.

I would recommend the Oil of Garlic by Dr. Christopher. You can even make your own (see recipe below). It is often paired with Mullein leaf or other soothing herbs. Put 2 drops in each ear morning noon, and night gently massaging the oil into the ear canal. I have seen this work with my own children within 24 hours. However, I continue treating for 4 days after the symptoms are gone. I have seen the Oil of Garlic work time and time again.

I would say this will improve his mood greatly and help him get some sleep, but if you would like to go about that separately you could use Dr. Christopher's Kid-e-Col. This is a Catnip Fennel combination used to help the stomach (in case the colic is gas related) and the mood (catnip is calming).

There are also Homeopathic combinations for babies that I have seen have great results. Gripe Water is one of them. Best of luck!

Dr. Christopher's Herb Shop

Oil of Garlic

Eight ounces of garlic, peeled and minced
Sufficient warm olive oil


Place the garlic in a large jar and use sufficient olive oil to completely cover the garlic; shake and allow to stand in a moderately warm place for two to three days; strain through unbleached muslin or cotton; bottle and keep in a cool place.