Dr. Christophers Extended Herbal Cleanse

December 31, 2008

When dealing with long-standing health problems we cannot expect to totally cleanse or cure the body with one or more three-day cleansing routines. Therefore, to rid the body of chronic conditions or to prevent their occurrence, an extended herbal cleanse is an excellent path to follow. This should be used in conjunction with the mucusless diet.

Upon arising take one or two capsules (more if needed!) of the Lower Bowel Formula. This would then be repeated one hour before lunch, and prior to retiring for the night. Also, twenty minutes before eating, take two capsules of the Liver and Gallbladder Formula, which would be repeated prior to each meal. Next on the program take two of the Kidney Formula capsules mid-morning and also mid-afternoon.

Follow this routine six days, resting on the seventh. Resume taking the three herbal formulas the second week, adding two capsules of the Blood Stream Formula one hour after each meal. The one-week delay in adding the blood purifying formula is absolutely essential because of the extreme effectiveness of this formula. In the first week you are opening the eliminative channels of the body, allowing a pathway of elimination for the ensuing toxins loosened by the blood cleansing formula.

This procedure would then continue every week for six weeks, followed by one week of rest. Repeat these intervals for six months, then rest for one entire month. At the end of this seven-month program assess your progress and determine if another seven-month program would be beneficial.

NOTES: The procedure Dr. Christopher outlined is the most effective, but it is even more important to just take the herbs - even if you don't take them exactly according to schedule. If the schedule he outlined is too difficult figure out an easier schedule for you.

Some people find it difficult to remember if they took the herbs (since there are so many). These two approaches have helped some people:

1. Make a chart you can mark off which herbs you took and keep it right with your herbs.
2. In the morning get three baggies or small cups and put all the herbs in each cup for the three times you will take them that day. While this method doesn't allow you to follow Dr. Christopher's method exactly, you are still getting all your herbs this way.

Be sure you are also taking your Vitalerbs - 2 capsules three times a day. This will provide the additional nutrition you need.

Pregnant women should not do the cleanse - you can still take the Lower Bowel formula if needed, but it is recommended you wait until after the pregnancy to start the cleanse.

If you have a hard time taking that many capsules, you may find it easier to do the extracts. Here are the directions for the extracts:

Lower Bowel 30 drops 3 times a day.
Liver Gall Bladder 15 to 30 drops prior to each meal.
Kidney 15 to 30 drops prior to each meal.
After one week delay add the Blood Stream 5 to 15 drops prior to each meal.