Complete Tissue & Bone and Burn Ointment

by Cathy Gileadi (co-author of Every Woman's Herbal)

Dr. Christopher's burn ointment is made by blending equal parts of wheat germ oil and honey in a blender, and adding comfrey leaves, fresh or dried, until the mixture becomes thick. I sometimes add a little slippery elm. This mixture is fantastic. It keeps the wound moist but helps restore flesh to its proper condition.

One of our children jumped off a table and landed wrong on a foot, breaking one of the bones. We didn't realize the bone was broken until a couple of days later. The usual medical treatment would be to rebreak the bone, set it, and put it in a cast.

Instead, for a week, during the night, we plastered burn ointment all over the foot, bound it up in a white strip of cloth, and pinned a washcloth around that. Within a week that foot was completely healed, the bone set properly, and the child could run and play as before.

Dr. Christopher's Complete Tissue and Bone ointment is also fantastic for these serious injuries. His son David and he were at a convention in the northwest of the United States. A beautiful young lady came up to the booth and said, "How do you like my fingers?" They were nicely groomed, of course, and the Doctor said, "Fine." "Can you tell which finger has been cut off?" she persisted. They couldn't, of course. She said that one of the fingers had been cut off, and she had used the Complete Tissue and Bone formula, and the knuckle had grown back and the bone and flesh restored. The nail, which had been completely removed, grew back on, and was as pretty as the others.

A similar case: One of Dr. Christopher's neighbors had been in a terrible car accident. Two-thirds of her kneecap had torn off and, although she had other injuries, she worried most about this one. Doctors told her the legs would always be stiff and deformed without the kneecap. She used the Complete Tissue and Bone formula and the kneecap grew back. Dr. Christopher was sitting in his former restaurant in the University Mall in Orem, Utah, and the lady came up and said, "Good morning. How do you like my knees?" She pulled her dress up above her knees. He told her they looked fine-a little embarrassed-and asked if they had been damaged. She replied that one had; could he tell which one? She said they were both the same now, because the flesh had been renewed with the Complete Tissue and Bone formula. She could bend and squat easily, with perfect functioning of that knee.

One of the most outstanding examples of this formula's use came with a family whose father had really ridiculed Dr. Christopher. He was a businessman, but he liked to fuss with his automobiles. He had taken one of the motors out of his cars, and had hoisted it into the air. One of his daughters was playing down on the floor of the garage when something happened to the hoist and it came loose, dropping the car engine on this little girl, mashing her pelvic area and hips. The doctors told her father that the injury was too severe to do anything about. This man had heard about the Complete Tissue and Bone formula, and he used it as a fomentation over the entire area where it had been mashed. The particles went jelly-like over a week or two and then started to form. They formed the bones and the pelvic area came back identical to what it was before. As in a jigsaw puzzle, each piece went back into place. This girl went on to live a normal life.