Complete Tissue & Bone Part II

by Riley Alexander

Fast forward 2 weeks: I was totally out of pain, and perfectly aligned! The herbs worked perfectly even though I didn't change my diet and I had a horrible mindset! Talk about a stick of dynamite between my ears! (It blew my mind.) In fact the Complete Tissue & Bone with comfrey killed my pain better, faster, and longer then the "Percocet" did with my back, and far better then 800-1600 mg of Tylenol did when I tore my rotator cuff in baseball! There was only one problem left. I still didn't "get it"! I didn't change my diet and I also stopped taking the capsules because I felt better. I went through this exact cycle 2 or 3 more times! Finally one day I was so sick of the cycle I finally "woke up"!

I read Herbal Home Health Care in the Family Herbalist course it finally "clicked"! It was like the light finally turned on and I went on a rampage! I started supplementing like crazy, and kept up with my Complete Tissue & Bone, and started toward the mucusless diet and changed my diet dramatically! I started to notice how different foods made me feel, and how my taste buds became more sensitive. I started distilled water and stopped drinking pop, Gatorade, Kool-Aid, or anything else sweetened. I stopped the candy and sweets. I cut down eating meat, and switched from cow's milk to rice milk. I even switched the cereals I still loved to granola cereals, and started eating a salad every day.

I was even supplementing with the blackstrap molasses, and Apple Cider Vinegar. I began to lose weight, and felt a ton "lighter". I went from 195 pound down to 163 pounds and then settled back at 166-168. The coolest part is that I was losing the weight without even trying! I ate healthy food and it just came off by itself through my diet. I was now thinner and lighter than in high school even though I didn't get nearly as much exercise!

I viewed herbs completely different. I had a starting foundation of them and had pulled a complete 180 with my life and thought all was well then randomly one day I kept having this feeling like "my back was going to hurt real bad, real soon". I hadn't thought like that forever, let alone since I changed my diet the last couple months and supplementing. I ignored it, but throughout the next 3 days that thought kept popping up in my head, and I kept having that same feeling. On the 4th day after the thoughts I was laying down playing Playstation when I tried to get up and twist at the same time I had pain like nothing I'd ever had before! The outside of my right calf was completely numb, and it was hard to breathe! I waited about 5 minutes to see if the pain would lessen, but it didn't. I went to the E.R. a couple minutes later.

In the E.R. I had an MRI and took 1 pain killer to get me through the night. I left with a prescription for "Percocet" and went to the specialist. She (the specialist) told me (exact quote) "You have the back of a 65 year old man, who has worked physical labor every day of his life." She didn't fill me in on any details even though I asked. All she kept saying is "this is very rare for your age", and "this really isn't good". She urged me to set up a surgery in two days, and said she would call the surgeon herself to make sure I could get it scheduled because the specific surgeon she recommended to me was booked out for a couple weeks and she didn't feel I should wait. She sent me out the door with their number to schedule the surgery and a prescription for a cortisone steroid shot I was to have done the next day to help with the inflammation and pain.

I left the hospital knowing I wasn't going back for the surgery. I just wasn't sure about the cortisone shot. I called my brother (a nurse anesthetist) and asked him what he thought about the shot. He's always been honest about drugs and their side effects. However, even after talking to him I went home and canceled my back surgery, and threw away my prescriptions for my cortisone shot and my "Percocet".

Starting that day I went on massive doses of the Complete Tissue & Bone again. The pain was bad enough that I also did a couple sessions of "Spinal Decompression" to see if that would help ease it up. After a couple sessions though, I also canceled them and let the herbs take over. I decided to treat this with nothing but herbs and diet.

A couple weeks or so later I was feeling much better and I met up another doctor just to "translate" the MRI tech's notes and let me know exactly what was wrong with my back. After I had assured him that they were indeed my MRI's (he didn't quite believe me at first) he showed, and told me, the following: I had a fractured L5 vertebra, the tendons in my back were stretched beyond normal because they were trying keep my spine aligned and compensate for the fractured vertebra, the muscles in my back were also compensating, trying to help the tendons, I had "degenerative disk disease", I had little to no disk left between L4 & L5 and the other disks in the lumbar region were much thinner than they should be, I had stenosis in multiple places putting pressure on the nerves, I had 1 ruptured disk, 2 herniations, and the bottom disks were "studder stepped" out of place.

As he went through the list I found myself laughing because as serious as they all were, I felt no pain, and felt like I could run around and live normally and all I had done was kept up my diet, and taken lots of Complete Tissue & Bone. When he was done, he asked me "How long ago was your car wreck?" I told him I'd never been in one. He then asked "okay, when did the piano get dropped on you?" I told him never. He then told me that "I've never seen trauma this severe without a wreck" and "the disks don't studder step out like that unless you've been in a wreck". He also mentioned this MRI would only be "normal" if I was 2 or 3 times my age. It was a weird feeling to leave a doctor's office with news like that, and have an ear to ear smile on my face!

I was so excited because my body was already repairing itself and I could get back to normal in no time! Bottom line is this: Within 4 months I was out playing sports again and haven't had a problem since!

Since all that I've cut down my dosage of the Complete Tissue & Bone and I don't think I've ever missed a day (besides resting on the 7th) of not taking some. I've tuned up my diet, and got rid of the store-bought cereal and replaced it with my own. I'm no longer on a diet, because this is my lifestyle! I've found and stayed at my "ideal" weight (166-168) since I started. I could now be classified as "obsessed" with Dr Christopher, his products, and the learning about herbs. Through all this I was also put in the sales department and I can honestly say it's the best job in the world to sell the product you know and love! I've learned so much more than before thanks to the Master Herbalist program including how to read labels, and the "truth" behind medications, and treating yourself. I think you guys are doing the best thing in the world on empowering others and teaching them how to treat, and heal themselves! Thank you!