December 24, 2008

Excerpt from Dr. Christopher's Natural Healing Newsletter, 6-6.

Cloves are one of the most important stimulant herbs, increasing the power of the pulse and enhancing blood flow to all parts of the body, and restoring the balance of circulation in all parts. It is also added to other herbs to enhance their medicinal action.

When cloves are of good quality, they are fat, oily, and dark brown in color, and give out their oil when squeezed with the fingernail. When of poor quality, they are pale and dry and yield little oil.

Cloves are useful for the digestive system, useful to allay nausea and vomiting, to relieve flatulent colic, to improve digestion, as a healthy stomachic and as an astringent, also valuable as an ingredient in compounds for the cure of diarrhea and dysentery.

When a person has become run-down and fatigued, the vital energies depleted, Dr. Shook recommended a course of Clove decoction to bring up the strength. He combined 2 ounces of Cloves, 1 ? pints of distilled water, and simmered over a very low fire for 15 minutes. Removing this from the heat and letting it cool slightly, it was strained and thoroughly mixed with 8 ounces of pure glycerine. The Cloves should be thoroughly pressed out to obtain the oily glyceride. This is a very powerful medicine, Dr. Shook warned, and he advised using one spoonful three or four times a day, one hour before meals. It will warm the body and produce a sensation of well-being, restfulness, and relaxation. However, he warned patients not to use this feeling of well-being to perform unusual labors; they should relax and rest, and let the energy to gradually restore vitality to the batteries of the system, in Shook's words. Do not overdose, as this will exhaust the body.