October 22, 2008

Cayenne is a medicinal and nutritional herb. It is the purest and most certain stimulant.

Cayenne works best in combination with a good diet and may give only symptomatic relief unless the lifestyle and diet are corrected. The recommended diet is one high in fresh raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and sprouted seeds and grains. Sugar, soda drinks, flour products, fried foods, and dairy are all mucus forming and should be avoided. Sun, clean air, deep breathing, clean water, exercise and positive thinking are also part of the program. For more information on this topic, see Dr. Christopher's two little pamphlets entitled "The Three Day Cleansing Program, Mucusless Diet, and Herbal Combinations" and "Curing the Incurables.

Taking cayenne daily helps improve your circulation and digestion and it is a powerful food for the heart.


One of the most important uses of cayenne is as a circulatory stimulant. It feeds the necessary elements into the cell structure of the arteries, veins, and capillaries so that they regain youthful elasticity and so that the blood pressure reduces itself to normal. When the venous structure becomes loaded with sticky mucus, the blood cannot circulate freely, so higher pressure is needed to force the blood through. Cayenne equalizes the blood pressure, influencing the heart immediately, and then extending its effects to the venous structure. It also works to cut the mucus in the venous system, and indeed in all the systems throughout the body.


The most common medical use of Cayenne is as a gastric stimulant and digestive aid. It rebuilds the stomach tissue and stimulates peristalsis, thus assisting in assimilation and elimination.

Cayenne improves digestion. Studies have revealed that cayenne stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid, which enables the breakdown of proteins in the stomach. It works best when it is tasted; it only takes a pinch on the tongue before eating! Any way you eat it, before or during the meal, cayenne will improve digestion.


Used as a heart attack preventative, along with the Mucusless Diet and a healthful life-style, Cayenne can do wonders in toning and rebuilding the heart and keeping it in top condition. Cayenne is one of the richest and most stable sources of Vitamin E, which is known to be a heart builder.

This is one of the fastest acting aids we could ever give for the heart because it feeds that heart immediately. Most hearts are suffering from malnutrition because of processed food we are eating, but here it gets a good powerful dose of real food.

The warm tea is faster working than tablets, capsules, cold tea, because the warm tea opens up the cell structure-makes it expand and accept the cayenne that much faster, and it goes directly to the heart, through the artery system, and feeds it with powerful food.


Start by taking ? teaspoon of this herb three times a day. Gradually work up to 1 teaspoon three times a day. Stir the cayenne in 4-6 ounces of distilled water. Drink this, and then chase it with more distilled water. To assure that you get good quality cayenne, we recommend that you buy it at a health food store.


Cayenne can be cultivated just like Green Peppers. Seeds can be purchased at garden stores or through seed catalogs. You can start them under glass or in the house in mid-February if you plan to set them in late May. Feed the developing seedlings manure tea and turn them so each side gets equal sun.

When you are ready to set the plants, protect them from cutworms with a tin-can or brown-paper collar and set them three feet apart, as they grow bigger than bell peppers. Harden the plants gradually-partially shading them-for about a week, and mulch them to preserve moisture. Do not over-fertilize them, or you'll get much leaf and little fruit.