Can Lowering Cholesterol Save Your Heart?

By David Christopher M.H.

Current medicine looks at High Cholesterol and believes the liver is at fault. That it is producing too much cholesterol, when levels are already high. Among the top selling and most widely prescribed pharmaceuticals are the Statin drugs (ie. Lipitor, Lescol, Zocor, Crestor, Pravachol, etc.)which block the body from making cholesterol. Our concern is that cholesterol is used by the body to repair and maintain all cells.

Using our very basic philosophy, we would ask, "Why would the liver continue to make cholesterol when cholesterol levels are already high?" It is common knowledge that the body has an intricate response system that prevents it from wasting resources by making more of something of which it already has sufficient levels. We would then suspect that the current cholesterol stores must not be recognized by the liver as being useable. Recent research points to the fact that useable cholesterol is soft fluffy and does not adhere to the arterial walls. Unfortunately most people have high stores of damaged, small, hard cholesterol, that does build up on arterial walls and is unusable for tissue repair.

Because the current medical system uses a drug that blocks the liver's ability to create cholesterol, using that drug can leave the body with only stores of the damaged, hard, small cholesterol. Thus they assure that the body is denied useable cholesterol for tissue repair. This action causes damage to the heart and all vital organs and systems. In other words, Statins do not prevent heart disease they contribute to heart disease. Once again we need to listen to Hippocrates when he declares that a physician should "First, do no Harm", and reject this whole classification of medications

Now we need to decide what we would do to remedy this situation. Through our philosophy the next question to ask is, "What damaged this cholesterol?

Studies indicate that the more a food is processed the higher the levels of free radical oxygen. This free radical oxygen can damage cholesterol, changing its structure and rendering it unusable. The food highest in free radical oxygen is char broiled meats. Next highest are highly processed grains, such as pastries, cold cereals and snacks. So highly processed foods should be eliminated from the diet.

The School of Natural Healing advocates eating a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouted whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. With this type of diet, foods are in a natural state, eliminating the processing that causes inherent creation of free radical oxygen. Also, the fiber in these foods helps the body remove this damaged cholesterol. This diet will resolve any cholesterol disorder and, unlike the anti-cholesterol drugs which damage the heart, our recommended diet will actually help heal the heart.